Japan's Robot Hotels for COVID Patients

Two Hotels Are Being Used to Quarantine & Treat Patients

Source:  Pepper on Duty at Robot Hotel for COVID Patients with Mild Symptoms

Staffed by Robots, Doctors and Nurses

For COVID patients with mild or no symptoms,

Tokyo has opened two robot hotels to take the

load off of hospitals.  The hotels are staffed by

robots, doctors and nurses.  With a capacity to

handle 2800 patient-guests, they are being used

as an innovative means to quarantine and 

treat COVID patients.

Pepper and Company

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has

taken charge of the two hotels.  Very popular

humanoid robot Pepper is at the hotels to

greet the arriving guests with positive messaging:

"Let's bring our hearts together and get through

this."  Cleaning robots are deployed to clean

what the Japanese are calling "high risk red


Safer Than Home

The Tokyo government feels it's safer for the

mildly ill COVID patients to stay at the

hotels, which are loaded with technology

and medical staff to monitor them, rather

than to stay at home.  This is another

example of robotic technology doing

a job with big exposure to the

coronavirus and keeping hotel employees

out of harms way.


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