An Inflatable E-bike

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POIMO May Be Your Next Bike
This is fascinating new, lightweight travel technology, that's so flexible and inflatable it can be carried in a large backpack. It's an electric bike, called POIMO, invented by researchers at the University of Tokyo.  The inventors claim that because the e-bike is lightweight and inflatable, it protects riders and pedestrians in the event of an accident. At the moment, it's a prototype that the researchers intend to develop into a final product that's even lighter and more portable for commercialization.

Future of Travel Innovation:  Soft Mobility
This is a great example of the potential future of travel innovation. The researchers call POIMO soft mobility or personal mobility using soft, lightweight and inflatable materials to make the vehicle portable, foldable, flexible, inflatable, deflatable and storeable in a backpack.  So you can take it and deploy it wherever you want.

Next Steps
The next steps are getting this new piece of travel innovation ready to go to market.  Right now to get going on POIMO, you need a portable electric pump or air pump to inflate the main body.  Then, you need to install the main components like the handlebars, wheels, battery and motor. The inventors believe they can consolidate that process and also want to cut the weight of the electric bike down from 12 pounds. Very exciting new innovation from Tokyo! 
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