Musk's New Global Electric Utility Biz

Tesla Seeks Approval to Be Electricity Provider in UK

Source:  Tesla Autobidder

The Intriguing Question is Why?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has another potentially brilliant

ace up his sleeve.  Tesla has applied to UK energy

regulators to become an electricity provider in the UK.

This, according to the UK newspaper, The Telegraph.

The Tesla application didn't disclose why they are

applying for the license.  But, the most likely purpose

is to introduce Tesla's Autobidder energy platform. The

mission and goal for Tesla is much bigger than the UK.

Tesla seeks to be a global electricity provider.

Automated Energy Trading

Autobidder is a platform for automated

energy trading.  Tesla has been operating the

system in South Australia at Tesla's Hornsdale

Power Reserve. It has generated lower electricity

prices for homes there.  Musk likely is looking 

to do the same type of disruptive innovation in the

UK and then move it globally. He is building

his marketing base right now in the UK.

Bigger Picture

For Musk, the goal is always global.  His concept:

Tesla is and will be 

deploying more solar and energy storage systems, 

both big and small, at the residential, EV and

utility levels, that will amount to a giant electric

utility.  Autobidder is a real-time trading and

control platform for participants. It's operational in

South Australia and is known as Tesla's Big Battery.

He's now asking for licensing in UK. His belief 

is his system can eventually save global 

consumers significant money on electricity, 

as he continues to build his multifaceted technology, 

global empire.


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