Trump Administration Writing the Rules

Source:  NASA

Artemis Accords
The Trump Administration is drafting a legal blueprint
for mining of valuable minerals on the Moon and safety 
zones to protect lunar bases. This is part of a new US sponsored
international agreement called the Artemis Accords.  The
Accords would bypass the United Nations.  It's an attempt to
rally allies behind NASA's plan to put humans and space 
stations on the Moon in 2024 in the Artemis Mission.

"Planet Snatching"
The Russians for one are not pleased with the Trump
Administration's initiative.  The Artemis Accords have 
been called "planet snatching" by the Russian Space
Agency Roscosmos.  Yesterday, the Kremlin toned down
the rhetoric but said the proposed legal blueprint would need
to be thoroughly analyzed to see if it complies with international

Moon's Strategic Value
The Moon has tremendous strategic value.  Not just
for the mineral deposits that it contains.  But also the
Moon is viewed as a key launchsite for future missions
to Mars and beyond.

Space Battles
There is a fierce battle among China, Russia and the US
to claim stakes in what is found in space and to stake-out
economic development and safety zones.  The value of the
minerals in space are estimated by some to be in the
trillions of dollars.  And the race for that rich bounty is

Artemis Mission
Among other items, the Artemis Accords would establish
safety zones that would surround future Moon bases.  The zones
would protect the bases from interference or damage from
other nations or companies operating in the vacinity.  It would 
also provide protection by international law for companies
and nations to own the minerals they mine. Within the next
several weeks, the US will present the legal blueprint to
space allies in Europe, Japan, Canada and the UAE.

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