BP Pilot Project in Australia

Source:  stock image of hydrogen

Producing Hydrogen From Wind and Solar Power
British Petroleum has won approval from the government of
Australia to produce hydrogen energy from wind and solar power. 
The renewable energy sources of wind and solar power will be used to split water and convert it into hydrogen and ammonia.  Australia is contributing more than $1 million to the $4.4 million BP feasibility study.

Australia:  Global Hydrogen Capital
Australia has ambitions to be a major producer of hydrogen by 2030.  If the feasibility study yields promising results, BP will build a pilot plant in western Australia to produce 20,000 tons of hydrogen.  Later, it will build a commercial scale facility capable of producting 1 million tons for both domestic and international

Renewable Energy's Holy Grail
The production of green, renewable hydrogen using wind and solar power drastically cuts carbon emissions.  Energy experts consider green hydrogen as the Holy Grail of renewable energy.  Hydrogen is one of the most promising energy sources with carmakers like Toyota betting on its clean, green, renewable future.


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