Space 2020's: What's Up There? by Edward Kane

Fascinating New Book on the Latest Space Discoveries

Travel to New Worlds Just Discovered in Space
Journalist Edward Kane's  latest book "Space 2020's: What's Up There?" has just been published on Amazon and
Kindle as an e-book ASIN: B087DV4DZ6
and paperback
 ASIN: B087FFM5B7 I co-authored the book with Ed.

Fascinating Journeys
The book is a journey to exciting and
mysterious new worlds just discovered
by NASA, the European Space Agency
and global astronomers with 
powerful space. telescopes.

Space Vacations
The book details exotic planets that
rain diamonds, Earth-like planets that
may contain extraterrestrial life, baby
stars being born, massive exploding
supernovas, black holes, black matter
and much more.  Reading the book
is like a vacation in space.

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