Smart Phone Price Wars

Apple, Google, Samsung's
Less Expensive Pricing

Source: Apple

New Phones, More Affordable
Apple just unveiled its new
iPhone SE 2020.  It's priced at
$399.00, is leading edge
and the most affordable
smart phone in Apple's
lineup.  Apple's new strategy
is to introduce less expensive
phones.  This is the first time 
that it has done so since 2016.  
Apple has two key reasons.
In these turbulent times,
consumers are watching their
wallets and not as free to
upgrade on expensive models.
Also, less expensive phones
attract new consumers and 
Apple wants to grow its new
customer base.

Bionic Chip
Some of  the features of the
iPhone SE 2020 include 
wireless charging, Apple's
A13 Bionic chip, a home
button, Touch ID, haptic
feedback and a Portrait mode.
Interestingly, it doesn't have
5G connectivity and no facial 

Bargain Phone Wars
The new iPhone faces
stiff competition. Google's
Pixel 3A for $399.00 comes
with a Night Sight enabled 
camera that shoots pictures in the dark 
and a headphone jack.  And,
Samsung's $399.00 Galaxy A51
has strong camera functionality.
Its $499.00 version has 5G

New iPhone 12
Apple is introducing a 
number of new products this
year.  Among them, it will
launch its flagship iPhone 12
line.  That phone will be
5G compatible. Many new
smartphone choices are rolling
out this year for consumers.

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