HARDT Hyperloop of The Netherlands

Source:  HARDT Hyperloop

Paris to Amsterdam in 90 Minutes
In The Netherlands, a proposal to
develop a hyperloop network
for Europe is picking up steam.
This, as a feasibility study has
concluded a hi-tech link, would be
economically feasible. The study
was commissioned by Dutch
startup HARDT Hyperloop
and the Province of Northern

Hyperloop Travel
The hyperloop mode of
transportation is the
brainchild of Tesla CEO
Elon Musk. At the moment, he's not
involved in this European project.
The hyperloop involves train-like
pods for travelers to be propelled
through low pressure steel vacuum
tubes at speeds of 600 mph plus.

Commuting Times
The new feasibility study
concluded that a European-wide
hyperloop system would have 
significant benefits.  The benefits
include shorter commuting 
times, blurring boundaries 
and growing economic benefits.
The study says it could cut
commuting times between
Paris and Amsterdam to 90
minutes, as compared to a
5 hour drive-time.  And, the hyperloop
would cut train travel time in half.

Next Steps
The study concludes that the 
hyperloop could ferry 200,000
people an hour with no
pollution.  Next steps needed to
build the system are securing
funding and government clearances.
Among current hyperloop
projects underway is Virgin
Hyperloop One's plans, approved
by the government of India, to
build a hyperloop between the
cities of Mumbai and Pune.

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