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Robots Helping in Pandemic

Smart Robotic Field Hospital Source:  CloudMinds Caregiving Robots on the Frontlines With the insidious contagion of the coronavirus pandemic, robots are being increasingly used on the frontlines of COVID 19 patient care. Caregiving robots are fast, efficient and "contagion proof". With medical staff supervising remotely, they keep doctors and nurses out of harms way. Wuhan Smart Field Hospital Wuhan, China is where the  global pandemic started.  In a smart field hospital, they temporarily used a team of robots to care for COVID 19 patients.  The robots communicated with the patients, served them meals and took their temperatures. The robots were managed by the medical team remotely. The patients also wore wristbands that gathered their blood pressure and other vitals. The patients remained in the field hospital for just a few days. Future of Medicine This field hospital in China is a glimpse at

Important Innovations Collection: Samsung's Army of Service Bots

Samsung's New Service Robots Source:  Samsung's Service Bots For Healthcare, Home and Retail Samsung recently unveiled a new set of service robots for health care, home and retail.  They are extraordinary technology.  Bot Care can take your blood pressure, breathing and heart rate.  Bot Air monitors the air quality in your home and if needed remedies it.  And Bot Retail is loaded with tech to assist customers.  Samsung's bots typify the rising tide of the robotic workforce.  For a great news blog go to  Important Innovations Collection: Samsung's Army of Service Bots : Healthcare, Home, Retail Source:  Samsung Bots at 2019 CES Bot Care Samsung recently introduced three new service robots at the 2019 ...

Important Innovations Collection: Samsung Robot for Your Health

Multi-tasking Health Care Robot from Samsung Source: Samsung's New Health Care Robot Assistant For Patients New Robot with Functionality and Friendliness  Samsung, the Japanese giant electronics company, just unveiled a robot to assist patients in need of health care monitoring and other patient needs.  It's being hailed as friendly with great functionality for patients and their families.  It can monitor biometrics like blood pressure and heart rates, prompt the patient to take their medicine and even serve as a companion when the patient needs someone to   communicate with. To learn about this great new and developing piece of robotic innovation, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane's blog at Important Innovations Collection: Samsung Robot for Your Health : Bot Care-Giving from Samsung Source:  Samsung's Healthcare Bot Innovative Robotics Samsung has just unveiled may be the wo...  and to see his news stories on innovation, go to