Big NASA Win for Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin

 New Glenn Rocket Part of NASA's Commercial Launch Fleet

                                     Source:  Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos's Rockets Soaring Into Space

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' space company Blue Origin has scored a big win.  NASA has selected the New Glenn rocket as a launcher for future NASA missions in the mid-2020's.  New Glenn joins NASA's fleet of launch vehicles.

New Shepherd

NASA has launched Blue Origin's New Shepherd suborbital vehicle dozens of times to fly payloads into space.  The New Glenn is an orbital launcher that can reuse its first stage booster rocket.  Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos says he expects the vehicle will carry humans as well as cargo into space.

Space Technology

New Glenn is a two stage booster rocket vehicle.  The rocket's reusable first stage is designed to re-fly twenty-five times, after touching down in the ocean and being retrieved.  It can carry up to 14 tons to geostationary orbit and 50 tons to low Earth orbit.  The vehicle is 313 feet tall and twenty-three feet wide.  The width is unusually large and enables the vehicle to carry a variety of payloads.

Artemis 2024

This is another space accomplishment for Blue Origin, which hopes to be a major part of NASA's 2024 Artemis Mission that will bring astronauts to the Moon.  The New Glenn will take its first flight in 2021.



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