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 COVID Safer Micro-Mobility

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One Problem:  They're Not Legal in the UK

By the thousands, Londoners are abandoning the Tube, London's underground subway system, and hopping onto e-scooters for their daily commutes.  They are doing so to avoid the crowds on public transit and the possibility of being infected by COVID-19.  But, there is one big problem.  In the UK, e-scooters are not legal on public roads, on pavements, on cycle lanes and in pedestrian only areas.  E-scooter experts are calling upon the UK government to regulate them for safe and legal riding.

UK & e-Scooter Regulations

E-scooters typically cost about $400.00 and have top speeds of 15 mph.  They can be legally used in the UK and London only if they are part of a testing trial and are rented.  In London, trials won't start until the spring of 2021.  In other parts of the UK, testing is underway to determine how safe they are on streets and on sidewalks.  The input from the trials will help the UK government determine how best to regulate e-scooters, that are a growing trend in personal mobility.  They are also a green means of transportation with zero emissions.


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