EPA, Airplanes & Emissions


US EPA Setting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards for Planes

                  Source:  Stock Image of Airplane Emissions

Planes Among Top Fastest Growing Emissions Sources

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is finalizing the world's 1st regulations on aircraft greenhouse gas emissions.  The new emissions standards are now being formalized and will apply to commercial aircraft and large business jets.  The EPA says this will align with international standards including that for the UN global aircraft emissions standards. Big aerospace companies like Airbus SE and Boeing support the standard.  Critics of the new regulations, now being formulated, think that they should be toughened by incoming President Joe Biden.

More Details

The compliance date on the new EPA regulations for airplanes is January 1, 2028.  If not in compliance by then, aircraft that are not modified will have to go out of service and newly manufactured aircraft have to comply.  A group of 11 states and DC. led by California, have won this change to start forcing the EPA to toughen airline emissions standards.  To put the importance of this in perspective, airplane emissions are one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions accelerating Climate Change.


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