MIT Tech to Improve Your Game

 Shape Shifting Robotic Hoop to Help Improve Your Game

                                        Source:  MIT CSAIL

Smart Basketball Hoop

MIT researchers have invented a robotic basketball hoop that changes size and raises and lowers the hoop to help people improve their game.  The robotic basketball training machine was invented by researchers at MIT's world famous CSAIL - the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab.  The shape-shifting hoop is designed to help people improve various aspects of their game as they shoot balls.

Highly Advanced Robotic Technology

The hoop works autonomously and in conjunction with the player's improving basketball shots.  It has a special pieze sensor on the backboard and a switch sensor on the rim to detect when the ball goes into the hoop.  An algorithm shrinks the hoop and raises it as the player improves their shots.  The hoop makes the shooting more difficult as the player consistently gets better at shooting the ball.


The robotic hoop is a proof of concept prototype.  It likely will go into commercialization and likely will have broader applications in sports and beyond.  The researchers believe it can be adapted for young kids learning to ride a bike.  It would help them move beyond training wheels.

Why This Project for CSAIL?

CSAIL is known for their highly advanced robotics powered by AI.  For instance, their robotic boats now carry passengers and freight in the complex canals of Amsterdam.  With the robotic hoop, the CSAIL team is exploring different technologies that enable people to train their motor skills at the so-called optimal challenge level.  That's the point where the training is neither frustratingly hard nor boringly easy.


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