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BMW i Flying Wingsuit Makes History

  Soaring into History                                      Source:  BMWi & Peter Salzman New Form of Zero Emissions Flight BMW i, a sub-brand of BMW focused on electric vehicles, and veteran skydiver Peter Salzman of Austria have set a world record for wingsuit flying.  BMW i and Salzman have invented a propulsion system, which is strapped around Salzman's chest. The flying wingsuit system allows him to fly like a bird.  Wingsuit flying is an extreme sport that has been growing in popularity during the past few years.  BMWi and Salzman have just made history with their unprecedented flight. Flying Science Fiction Their wingsuit invention is straight out of science fiction.  It is composed of two carbon filter rotors powered by lithium-ion batteries. It provides zero emissions, electric flying. The propulsion system provides up to 5 minutes of flight. Salzman switches on the flying suit as he hurtles through the sky from a helicopter.  He can increase the speed and also soar to

BMW's Electrified Wingsuit

  New Form of Personal Air Mobility Source:  BMWi BMW's Electrified Wingsuit to Fly In BMW has designed, developed and tested the world's first all electric wing suit that enables a person to fly at speeds up to 186 mph. The revolutionary alternative means of travelling was developed by BMW in partnership with Designworks.  The flying suit began as a concept three years ago created by 33 year old Austrian Peter Salzman, who is a skydiver, paragliding instructor and wingsuit pilot.  BMW, Designworks and Salzman have taken the concept to new heights. The apparatus took three years to develop and is designed to showcase BMW's expertise in electrification. Successfully Tested Over the Alps The BMW wingsuit is electric powered with two chest mounted, carbon propellers delivering 20 horsepower for five minutes. There are two main parts.  It consists of a suit with wing like pieces of fabric and an electric drive unit that contains the propellers.  It weights about 28 pounds. The


World's 1st Drone Cleared for Heavy Cargo Trials Source:  Ehang Booming Drone Business China's Ehang is the world's 1st autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) & eVTOL company approved to perform commercial trials of carrying heavy cargo in its passenger drones.  The pilotless Ehang 216 drones can carry two passengers, go up to 80 mph and travel a distance of 19 miles. It's now the first drone company in the world that is cleared to perform a series of trial tests with the drone carrying cargo loads of 330 pounds and more. Global Market Size Ehang founder and CEO Hu Huazi says the Chinese regulatory authority's clearance will accelerate the commercialization of  AAV/eVTOL technology and air mobility solutions for logistics. He adds it's a foundation for the world to establish a coordinated and sustainable regulatory environment.  The global market potential for eVTOLs is huge.  Morgan Stanley estimates it at $1.5 Trillion by 2040.  30% of t

Your Flying Taxi Just Arrived

Vienna Style Commuting Courtesy:  EHang - Vienna Test Flight First Flight It looks like a helicopter at first glance.  But it's a lot more than that.  This is the first demonstration of this pilotless air taxi prototype that just successfully took off in Vienna, Austria.  The Austrian and Chinese developers say it's ready for mass production and commuter service.  The EHang 216 is at the forefront of autonomous air taxis readying for takeoff. Autonomous Flying It's the creation of  Austrian aerospace company FACC (now owned by Chinese aerospace group AVIC) and the Chinese drone maker company  EHang. It's a European first for them.  The vehicle circled in the air and landed safely after a few minutes of flying above a soccer stadium. Rigorously Tested and Ready for Flying This is a slim drone with 16 propellers.  It can seat two passengers, fly up to 90 mph for a half hour.  And, it can travel 50 to 70 kilometers depending on the payload.  The Austrian-Chi