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Technology At the Cutting Edge Source:  Robot Lawn Mower Robot, Mow My Lawn! Don't want to mow your lawn during summer heat waves?  Let your robot lawn mower do the job for you!  A growing number of people are doing just that.  According to Worx, the company that manufactures the highly rated Landroid robot mower, autonomous robot lawn mowers are growing in popularity. Loaded with Technology There are a growing number of robot lawn mowers on the market.  Among the top rated are Flymo, Worx's Landroid, Lawnmaster, Robomow, Honda's Miimo and Husqvarna Automower.    The robots use artificial intelligence and sensors to avoid hitting obstacles.  A special perimeter wire installed around the lawn keeps the mower on the owner's property.  The mowers are battery operated, quiet and run automatically, based on the schedule that the owner customizes in an app.  And the companies say they are safe with children and pets. Buy or Rent Still, the robot lawn mowers a

Robot Lawn Mowers

Robot, Cut My Lawn Source:  Husqvarna Mowers Robo Mowers Powered by Batteries - No Gas It's at the top of my robotic wish list.  A robot lawn mower.  No astronomical bills and upselling from lawn service companies.  Just a nicely cut lawn and no hassles.  Innovation seems to be knocking at the front door with news on robotic mowers. Green Robots at the Cutting Edge There's a slew of new robot mowers.  Models include Worx Landroid for smaller lawns, Honda that cuts and feeds lawns, Robomow for all-purpose mowing and Husqvarna that's loaded with cell & GPS tech.  These mowers aren't cheap.  Prices range from $1000 to $3500. They're powered by rechargeable batteries so they're quiet.  You pay more for online enhancements. And, if your lawn is loaded with trees and hills, your robot mower is going to be a lot more expensive. Grass Vacuums Robot mowers look a lot like big robot vacuums such as iRobot's Roomba. They roam and groom your lawn. Their