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Mercedes Brings Vision AVTR to Life

  Mercedes Vision AVTR Concept Car                                                Source:  Mercedes-Benz You Can Drive Sideways If Need Be Mercedes Benz has unveiled a real-life version of its Vision AVTR, a magnificent concept car inspired by the future and the original blockbuster James Cameron movie Avatar. Mercedes created the EV to mark the release of director James Cameron's 2nd Avatar movie - Avatar: The Way of Water.  The Mercedes ATVR has a futuristic propulsion system and very innovative, edgy styling.  The concept car is a blockbuster of its own, even though it doesn't appear in the movie.  Unique Design Language The vehicle is fast-forward futuristic with totally glass doors that open like bird wings and huge wheels that resemble a flower in bloom.  These features tie into the Avatar theme of conserving the beauty of nature.  And of great note, Vision AVTR has 4-wheel steering that enables it to drive sideways, if a maneuver like that might be useful for you at some


Ugo: Multi-Tasker that Can Even Fold Your Laundry Source:  Mira Robotics' Ugo Invented by Mira Robotics Japan's workforce is dwindling by more than a half-million workers a year because of its aging population.  To fill the worker shortage, Japan is experiencing an acceleration in the development of new, versatile robots.  A great new example is Ugo, the creation of Japanese startup company Mira Robotics. Remote Wireless Operation Ugo is a state of the art, remote controlled Avatar robot.  It is composed of a pair of height adjustable robotic arms that are mounted on wheels.  It navigates with a laser on its base.  And it is operated remotely through a wireless connection to a laptop and game controller. Many Uses Ugo has many uses. Its primary purpose is to serve as a worker robot and fill needs in Japan's dwindling workforce.  It can work as a security guard, inspect equipment and clean buildings.  It can also serve as a helper in homes, for instance, to fold

Avatar Helps to Reduce Heart Attack Death Rate

Your Avatar Digital Nurse Cora  Avatar Researchers have developed a simulated digital nurse to show patients how to recognize heart attack symptoms and call 911.  It's appropriately called SAVE app. Out of Australia - SAVE App The Flinders University in Australia team have developed SAVE app. It's an avatar-based app which helps recognize heart attack symptoms.  An avatar is a simulated digital character that can talk and use facial expressions and body language. They are calling the simulated nurse Cora.  Its purpose is to teach people heart attack warning signs and what to do when they occur. Life-Saver Because most deaths occur within a few hours of the warning signs of heart attack, the death rate can be reduced significantly if people get to the hospital quickly.  Delays happen when people don't recognize the warning signs. SAVE App Gets Results SAVE app users were significantly more likely to call an ambulance compared to a control group without the app.