Avatar Helps to Reduce Heart Attack Death Rate

Your Avatar Digital Nurse Cora 
Researchers have developed a simulated digital nurse to show patients how to recognize heart attack symptoms and call 911.  It's appropriately called SAVE app.

Out of Australia - SAVE App
The Flinders University in Australia team have developed SAVE app. It's an avatar-based app which helps recognize heart attack symptoms.  An avatar is a simulated digital character that can talk and use facial expressions and body language. They are calling the simulated nurse Cora.  Its purpose is to teach people heart attack warning signs and what to do when they occur.

Because most deaths occur within a few hours of the warning signs of heart attack, the death rate can be reduced significantly if people get to the hospital quickly.  Delays happen when people don't recognize the warning signs.

SAVE App Gets Results
SAVE app users were significantly more likely to call an ambulance compared to a control group without the app.  Also, users of the app spent less time in the hospital for heart problems than patients without the app.  Cora's making a heart-healthy difference.


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