Submarine Wonder - Propels with No Engine

Robo-Sub Developed by Caltech and ETH Zurich University

It's a motor-less, mini-sub, with no power or propulsion supply, created by engineers at California Institute of Technology and ETH Zurich.  The 3D printed tech wonder moves through water without any engine.  It's utilizing a new propulsion concept designed for swimming robots.  The sub paddles through the water without motor power.

Strokes like Rowing
By responding to water temperature changes, the robo-sub moves its paddles back and forth.  The motion is very similar to rowing.  The swimming sub propels itself by driving its oars back. The oars are activated by "shape memory polymer strips" that act like muscles.  The tech developments in this 7.5 centimeter mini-sub with paddles is awesome.  And it was created by 3D printing.

Future Journeys
The scientists intend to scale up their mini-sub and develop it for ocean exploration.  They also expect to be able to activate the propulsion not just by changes in water temperature but also changes in acidity and salinity in the water.  It's technology on the cutting edge.  The tech is green, strong, e-friendly and ocean-friendly.

Leading Thoughts From the Female Team Leader
According to ETH Zurich University Professor Kristina Shea who is the lead scientist on the project:  "We've developed a new and promising means of propulsion that is fully 3D printed, tunable and works without an external power source."  It's very promising tech that's just emerging for subs and ocean exploration.


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