Smart Watch, Smart Health

Smart Watch, Smart Heart

Doctor in My Watch There's a growing number of stories of peoples' lives being saved by the heart monitoring provided by their smart watches.  There are many smart watches out there to track your workout. Most of us use them especially for running. But some have advanced heart apps that can tell you your heart rate in real-time, track it against your norm, analyze and issue a warning if the rate is significantly off.  That can be life-saving for anyone running, walking or just breathing to know something's wrong and get it checked out by a doctor.  In certain medical conditions like heart attack or stroke, seconds and minutes make a life-saving difference.

Young, Athletic Real Life Case
Recently, a mid-twenty year old cyclist showed his doctor heart rate graphs from his smart watch.  The normal rate and one just recorded while he was walking showed a highly accelerated rate.  Turns out he had clots in his lung.  The watch warning saved his life. There are many examples like this.

Watch Rewind - From Basic Tracking to Smart Health
There's a big watch rewind with health monitoring tech changes underway.  According to IDC, in 2022, smartwatches that include advanced health tech will account for 40% of all wearable, smart wristbands sold.  Basic, activity-tracking, wristbands will drop from the current 36% market share to 22%.  Companies want to go beyond the basics and tell you when something is wrong.  Even to the point of diagnosing the health condition.

A Doctor's In My Watch 24/7
To a limited extent, the doctor is already there.  But the smart watch doc is going to get a lot more strategic and effective. Apple is working with Stanford University School of Medicine to detect atrial fibrillation (a-fib) real-time on their smart watch band and provide an alert.  Fitbit is working on using their smartwatch to detect sleep apnea.  The future has a doctor in your watch 24/7 and that could be life-saving for multiple conditions.  It's very exciting medical tech on the cutting edge of innovation.


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