New Tech GrimeProofs Phones, Walls, Floors

Cleaner than Clean:  University of Michigan's Omniphobic Coating 

It's a durable, transparent coating that repels water, oil, grime and alcohols. And it's paving the way for grime-free smart phones, laptops, other electronics along with for your walls, floors, and tables.  It has widespread household and industrial use.  All I can say is bring it on!

Grime-proof for Good
It's an omniphobic coating developed by a University of Michigan scientist with a 2 year old child.  Associate Professor Anish Tuteja says for him this was personal, not just science.  The result is a tech breakthrough with wide application.  His lab is known for breakthroughs.  This coating repels any liquid.

Math & Great Deal of Discovery Behind This
Tuteja and his team mapped out the fundamental properties of a library of substances.  They mathematically predicted how any 2 would work together.  They came up with the perfect combo for grime-proofing.

Magic Ingredients
They've made a versatile coating that's clear and smooth enough to repel oil, grime and alcohols.  It's a mix of fluorinated polyurethane and a specialized fluid repellant molecule called F-POSS. It can be sprayed, brushed and dipped on a wide variety of surfaces.

Durable & Inexpensive
The team says it durable and strong for everyday use.  They're working to get it to mass production for consumer and industrial markets.  And, they say the cost for users will be inexpensive.


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