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New Tech GrimeProofs Phones, Walls, Floors

Cleaner than Clean:  University of Michigan's Omniphobic Coating  It's a durable, transparent coating that repels water, oil, grime and alcohols. And it's paving the way for grime-free smart phones, laptops, other electronics along with for your walls, floors, and tables.  It has widespread household and industrial use.  All I can say is bring it on! Grime-proof for Good It's an omniphobic coating developed by a University of Michigan scientist with a 2 year old child.  Associate Professor Anish Tuteja says for him this was personal, not just science.  The result is a tech breakthrough with wide application.  His lab is known for breakthroughs.  This coating repels any liquid. Math & Great Deal of Discovery Behind This Tuteja and his team mapped out the fundamental properties of a library of substances.  They mathematically predicted how any 2 would work together.  They came up with the perfect combo for grime-proofing. Magic Ingredients They've mad