U of Kansas, Female Led Flying Vehicle

The Mamba with Female Leadership, Ingenuity & Design

There's an elegance to the design of this exceptional flying vehicle. And a focus on safety.  It's Team Mamba's Device Mamba.  The team started off with the idea of creating a vehicle to be sold as a flying motorcycle. That morphed into what they say looks like the head of a snake, according to University of  Kansas team leader Lauren Schumacher.  Hence, it's the Mamba with style, design and vertical lift .

Mamba is a winning flying snake.  It's a hexacopter with 6 ducted fans to enable it to hover. To move forward, 2 aft ducts provide thrust.

Safety First
Team Mamba has put safety as its' #1 component for design.  They think one failure or death could shut down this newly emerging industry of personal flying vehicles.   Their design is a top ten contender in Boeing's Go Fly International Competition.  They think they have the safety edge among the ten competitors for the $2 million prize awarded in March 2019.


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