Anti-matter, Why It Matters. Interstellar Travel

The theory goes back to 1933.  British physicist Paul Dirac won the Nobel Prize for his theory that every particle has an anti-particle.  For every electron with a - charge, there's an anti-electron with a + charge.

2018 CERN
CERN in Switzerland is one of the world's most respected scientific research centers.  Their physicists make anti-matter to study in experiments.  Their starting point is an Antiproton Decelerator  which slows the particles down and allows them to be investigated as anti-matter. They're looking at their biological effects.  They've created a beam of antimatter to study the Earth's gravitational acceleration.

Fascinating Forecast - Interstellar Travel Via Anti-Matter Spacecrafts
CERN scientists believe that anti-matter, along with exponential growth in AI, nanotech and computer processing will give us the 1st prototype of an anti-matter, powered spacecraft in 2067.  They predict a trip to Jupiter in 4 months, making interstellar travel real.


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