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Salt Based Nuclear Reactors - New Tech

Thorium Based Nuclear Power - Greener Electricity Source:  Thorium Powered Nuclear Reactor Global Innovation Research Thorium based nuclear reactors.  Global scientists are working on this promising greener form of nuclear energy.  Thorium is a moderately radioactive chemical.  It can be used as "fuel salt" in molten salt reactors to produce electricity.  It can't be used to produce nuclear weapons and produces much less dangerous waste than current nuclear power plants. Advantages of Thorium and Who Is Working On It The Netherlands and China are investing in this technology.  It offers the advantages of traditional reactors.  It's reliable, efficient and low carbon emissions electricity.  And that is without the big problems of radioactive waste and nuclear proliferation.  It's a promising and greener form of renewable nuclear energy. CERN The European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) believes thorium could be a radically disruptive source of cle

Anti-matter, Why It Matters. Interstellar Travel

The theory goes back to 1933.  British physicist Paul Dirac won the Nobel Prize for his theory that every particle has an anti-particle.  For every electron with a - charge, there's an anti-electron with a + charge. 2018 CERN CERN in Switzerland is one of the world's most respected scientific research centers.  Their physicists make anti-matter to study in experiments.  Their starting point is an Antiproton Decelerator  which slows the particles down and allows them to be investigated as anti-matter. They're looking at their biological effects.  They've created a beam of antimatter to study the Earth's gravitational acceleration. Fascinating Forecast - Interstellar Travel Via Anti-Matter Spacecrafts CERN scientists believe that anti-matter, along with exponential growth in AI, nanotech and computer processing will give us the 1st prototype of an anti-matter, powered spacecraft in 2067.  They predict a trip to Jupiter in 4 months, making interstellar travel