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Thorium Based Nuclear Power - Greener Electricity

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Thorium based nuclear reactors.  Global scientists are working on this promising greener form of nuclear energy.  Thorium is a moderately radioactive chemical.  It can be used as "fuel salt" in molten salt reactors to produce electricity.  It can't be used to produce nuclear weapons and produces much less dangerous waste than current nuclear power plants.

Advantages of Thorium and Who Is Working On It
The Netherlands and China are investing in this technology.  It offers the advantages of traditional reactors.  It's reliable, efficient and low carbon emissions electricity.  And that is without the big problems of radioactive waste and nuclear proliferation.  It's a promising and greener form of renewable nuclear energy.

The European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) believes thorium could be a radically disruptive source of clean energy, providing abundant electricity anytime and anywhere.  This is important energy innovation that we're watching.  For more stories on energy innovation, go to my colleague Ed Kane's Amazon Author's Page at


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