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80% of the world's energy consumption is fossil fuel. The carbon dioxide emissions are deleteriously changing life as we know it.  The world is pushing for a fix with cheap, accessible, efficient renewable energy solutions.

Important Innovations:  Collection, Vol. 4 - Energy
My colleague Edward Kane has just published a book chronicling the latest and greatest innovations in renewable, green, clean energy. It's on Amazon and can be accessed through Ed's Author page  Important Innovations: Collection, Vol. 4 Energy    It's titled Important Innovations:  Collection, Vol. 4.  The book showcases breakthrough innovations in solar energy, such as the orbiting magic carpet of solar panels soaking in the sun and relaying electricity back to earth. The latest and greatest energy innovations are included in wind, nuclear fusion, hydrogen, geothermal, deep space energy, kite wind energy, bio-batteries, solar farms floating on water and much more.

On Kindle
The book is on Amazon's Kindle.  Right now, it can be borrowed for free.  For anyone interested in the future of energy and innovation, it's a must read.


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