Continental Drift Tied to Climate & Life

Research Links Life on Earth & Movement of Continents

Source:  Stock Image of Continental Plates
Shifting Sediments Pushing Continents
This is fascinating, breakthrough geological/engineering research from the University of Texas Austin.  The UT scientists have demonstrated that sediment, which is often composed of dead organisms, may play a very key role in setting the speed of continental drift.

New Innovative Research on Continental Drift
This new research challenges the ideas about how continents drift and continental plates interact.  It strongly suggests interaction mechanisms between tectonic movement, climate and life on earth.

Moving the Parts
The study is in the journal Earth & Planetary Science Letters.  I find it fascinating and think you will too.  It describes how sediment moving under the tectonic plates regulates their movements.  This process may even play a part in the rapid rise of mountain ranges and the growth of the continental crunch.  


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