Renewable Energy from Space and Sun

Stanford University's Rooftop Renewable Energy Device
Source:  Stanford University

Provides Electricity and Cooling from Sun and Space
Scientists from Stanford University have created a first.  A single device that collects heat from the sun and coldness from outer space.  It simultaneously collects space and solar energy, generates electricity and coolness and functions with great efficiency.  Their research results have been published in the journal Joule.

Double Layer Panel
Their invention is a double layered rooftop panel.  The top layer is composed of standard semiconductor materials that go into solar cells.  The bottom layer is revolutionary and the combination of the 2 layers is being hailed as a potential gamechanger.  The bottom layer is composed of novel materials that collects the space energy and does the cooling.

Dual Functions:  Electricity and Cooling
The device combines radiative cooling with solar absorption technology.  On the roof the device would have a photovoltaic cell to provide electricity and the radiative cooler would cool the house on hot days.  The team has demonstrated that the device works.  Their next steps are to scale it up, bring down costs and commercialize it.


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