Pro Football Goes Augmented Reality

Pittsburgh Steelers AR App

Source:  Heinz Field - Pittsburgh

Heinz Field Becoming an AR Experience
The Pittsburgh Steelers have added an AR portion to their official app.  It enables fans inside Heinz Field to watch the game with embedded augmented reality.  The AR portion is a first of its kind and was created by Carnegie Mellon spinoff Yinzcam, a mobile sports technology startup.

AR Being Enabled and Expanded
The potential use of AR at live sporting events is awesome.  To start, the Steelers' AR app will allow fans to get a totally different experience of the game than those watching at home.  They can view videos, have touch access to view replays, visit one of the most popular parts of the stadium - the Terrible Towel Wall and a lot more.  The team says it's building a lot of functionality into the AR tech and rolling it out in the very near future.

Yinzcam is an innovation company with a mission to bring fans closer to the game through technology.  One of their specialties is AR.  Their tech enables fans to use their phone cameras to detect and transform real world objects.  Prior to the Steelers AR app, they've provided a number of professional teams with fan focused technology.  An example:  the Cleveland Cavaliers tech that lets fans play pop a shot games on their phones and compete with other fans inside or outside the stadium. The sports applications of AR are going to be very big.


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