Clean Hydrogen Fuel from Bacteria

From Wastewater to Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Source:  Purple Bacteria Stock Photo
Important Innovations in Energy Development
This is remarkable scientific research.  Scientists at King Juan Carlos University in Spain are the first to document that applying electric current to purple bacteria generates hydrogen gas for the production of electricity.  It does so while also recovering 100% of the carbon from any organic waste.

Light Based Biorefining
Purple phototrophic bacteria capture and store energy from sunlight.  The Spanish scientists say they can harvest hydrogen fuel from sewage.  Industrial wastewater and household sewage contain organic compounds and are a big potential source of energy, bioplastics and even protein for animal feed.  But until now, there was no efficient extraction method.  As a result treatment plants discard them and cause high carbon emissions.

New Energy Source
The light based biorefinery process developed by scientists in Spain appears to be a means to harvest green energy from wastewater with a zero carbon footprint.  It's published in the journal Frontiers in Energy Research.  For a comprehensive resource on innovation in energy developments, go to Important Innovations:  Collection, Vol. 4 Important Innovations: Collection, Vol. 4 Energy


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