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Green Corn in US Energy Mix

Trump Administration Promising More Biofuels Source:  US Department of Agriculture Ethanol Use Mandated To Rise President Donald Trump has never claimed to be a Green "What's good for the environment is good for the nation and the world" President.  In fact, he dismisses the very existence of Climate Change. But the Administration just made a slight move into a greener direction.  They've unveiled a plan to boost US biofuel consumption, specifically corn based, ethanol fuel, starting in 2020.  The purpose is to help struggling farmers in the Corn belt, which is a big voting constituency for Mr. Trump.  The plan is getting applause from the agricultural industry and big boos from big oil, another Republican voting base. EPA The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is revamping ethanol rules. The plan is in partnership with the US Department of Agriculture.  The plan requires an increase in the amount of ethanol that oil refineries must add to the

Flying Eco-Friendly Skies

United Airlines' Eco-Skies Source:  United Airlines Green, Clean Flying United Airlines called yesterday's Chicago to Los Angeles commercial flight "the Flight for the Planet" and a world first.  For the first time on a single, commercial flight, four eco-friendly components were utilized:  sustainable aviation biofuel, efforts to achieve zero cabin waste, operational efficiencies and carbon offsets. Commitment to Sustainable Flying from the Top United Airlines President Scott Kirby is  personally committed to finding innovative ways for a more sustainable flying future.  His goal is to establish United as the world's most environmentally friendly airline. Flying Green Yesterday's flight was 30% powered by aviation biofuel.  Kirby wants all United flights eventually powered by biofuels.  To cut fuel burn while on the runway, the pilots used one engine instead of two.  The pilots also used a continuous rather than stepped descent to land at LAX

Clean Hydrogen Fuel from Bacteria

From Wastewater to Hydrogen Fuel Cells Source:  Purple Bacteria Stock Photo Important Innovations in Energy Development This is remarkable scientific research.  Scientists at King Juan Carlos University in Spain are the first to document that applying electric current to purple bacteria generates hydrogen gas for the production of electricity.  It does so while also recovering 100% of the carbon from any organic waste. Light Based Biorefining Purple phototrophic bacteria capture and store energy from sunlight.  The Spanish scientists say they can harvest hydrogen fuel from sewage.  Industrial wastewater and household sewage contain organic compounds and are a big potential source of energy, bioplastics and even protein for animal feed.  But until now, there was no efficient extraction method.  As a result treatment plants discard them and cause high carbon emissions. New Energy Source The light based biorefinery process developed by scientists in Spain appears to be a mean

Whiskey Biofuel, Renewable & Works

Celtic Renewables Driving on Whiskey Source:  Celtic Renewables - World's 1st Whiskey Powered Car No Engine Modification Needed It's called biobutanol.  It's a whiskey powered biofuel that's sustainable, renewable with no CO2 emissions.   And, it works.  Celtic Renewables, the startup behind the breakthrough biofuel, has demonstrated its viability by fueling a car with it and taking it for a spin. That was the world's 1st drive powered by whiskey biofuel.  It's a case of Scotch whiskey powering Green transportation with no engine modification needed. Scottish Ingredients for Spirited Biofuel The biofuel was created in Edinburgh at Napier University by an Irish Professor Martin Tangney.  His company Celtic Renewables works with a large distillery.  The biofuel is produced from draff, the sugary barley kernels that make fermentation happen.  Another ingredient is pot ale, the liquid loaded with yeast after the distillation of whiskey.  It's an all-na