Whiskey Biofuel, Renewable & Works

Celtic Renewables Driving on Whiskey
Source:  Celtic Renewables - World's 1st Whiskey Powered Car

No Engine Modification Needed
It's called biobutanol.  It's a whiskey powered biofuel that's sustainable, renewable with no CO2 emissions.   And, it works.  Celtic Renewables, the startup behind the breakthrough biofuel, has demonstrated its viability by fueling a car with it and taking it for a spin. That was the world's 1st drive powered by whiskey biofuel.  It's a case of Scotch whiskey powering Green transportation with no engine modification needed.

Scottish Ingredients for Spirited Biofuel
The biofuel was created in Edinburgh at Napier University by an Irish Professor Martin Tangney.  His company Celtic Renewables works with a large distillery.  The biofuel is produced from draff, the sugary barley kernels that make fermentation happen.  Another ingredient is pot ale, the liquid loaded with yeast after the distillation of whiskey.  It's an all-natural renewable.

Whiskey for a Good Ecofriendly Purpose
Celtic Renewables is in the process of scaling up its business.  They foresee a multibillion dollar global market to transport green on whiskey biofuel.  Other countries are interested in this spirited biofuel including Japan.


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