Renewable Energy - a Great Bet

 Nuclear Fusion
Source:  Tokamak Energy - Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Global Nuclear Fusion Projects with Promise
It's hotter than the sun.  UK based Tokamak Energy wants to be the first in the world to produce commercial electricity from fusion power by 2030.  The company has heated a plasma of hydrogen to 27 million degrees in its new experimental reactor.  That temperature is hotter than the core of the sun.  In 2019, it's going to test the system at 180 million degrees.

Why Nuclear Fusion May Be the Right Fit for Global Energy Needs
Proponents say nuclear fusion could make other types of electricity generation obsolete.  The reason is it can produce large amounts of electricity from very small amounts of hydrogen.  A plant the size of the UK's Tokamak would produce 1 gigawatt of electricity a year.  That's enough to power 700,000 US homes.

Renewable and Green
Nuclear fusion has very little fuel needs.  Greenhouse emissions are very low. And there's very little nuclear radioactive waste unlike current nuclear fission plants.

Global Projects
There are a number of global projects underway including one that's way ahead of the curve.  Lockheed-Martin's compact nuclear fusion reactors that can be transported to where they're needed by truck.  It's capable of powering 100,000 homes.  That tech could be ready for production in 2019.  There are also important projects underway in British Columbia and at Tae Technologies in California, along with Tokamak in the United Kingdom.


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