DARPA's Amazing, All-Terrain Truck

The Transforming Wheel-Track Changes Wheels in Motion

To see it is to believe it.  It's called the Transforming Wheel-Track  This is the US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA's latest, "go-anyplace, anytime" truck for the US military.  It was designed and developed by a team from Carnegie Mellon's National Robotics Engineering Center.  It's breakthrough technology that can alter a wheel's shape and function while it's in motion.

Dual Action in 2 Seconds
For soft surfaces, the truck can navigate the terrain on triangular tracks.  For hard surfaces, it changes into round wheels for fast travel.  The switch can be made in 2 seconds while in motion, which provides soldiers the ability to adjust as needed. Designed for military use, it's also practical for search and rescue missions and construction.

DARPA's X Vehicles
The Transforming Wheel-Track is part of DARPA's Ground X Vehicles technologies program. Besides the shape-shifting wheels, X's highly advanced technologies include in-hub electric motors to increase speed and maneuverability and extreme travel suspension for high speed travel over rough terrain. Also being developed, virtual windows (with 3D goggles) and sensor enhanced virtual perspectives and visual overlays for safe, off-road navigation.


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