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DARPA's Amazing, All-Terrain Truck

The Transforming Wheel-Track Changes Wheels in Motion To see it is to believe it.  It's called the Transforming Wheel-Track  This is the US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA's latest, "go-anyplace, anytime" truck for the US military.  It was designed and developed by a team from Carnegie Mellon's National Robotics Engineering Center.  It's breakthrough technology that can alter a wheel's shape and function while it's in motion. Dual Action in 2 Seconds For soft surfaces, the truck can navigate the terrain on triangular tracks.  For hard surfaces, it changes into round wheels for fast travel.  The switch can be made in 2 seconds while in motion, which provides soldiers the ability to adjust as needed. Designed for military use, it's also practical for search and rescue missions and construction. DARPA's X Vehicles The Transforming Wheel-Track is part of DARPA's Ground X Vehicles technologies program.