Micro-Robot Medicine

Micro-Robots to Diagnose and Deliver Drug Therapies
Micro-Robotic Medicine

Micro-Robotic Medicine
An international team of researchers, led by the University of Edinburgh, has developed micro-robots that can soon be used to diagnose disease and deliver drug therapies to hard-to-reach areas of the human body.

Harmlessly Biodegradable 
The robots are tiny pieces of algae coated with magnetic particles.  They can smoothly swim in biological fluid like blood.  They harmlessly biodegrade with precise timing within the body to deliver potent drug therapies to specifically targeted disease areas.

Remotely Guided and Trackable
The robots are the size of a blood cell.  Scientists guide them magnetically to desired locations.  They've been successfully tested in the stomachs of lab animals.  The micro-robots are easily tracked by imaging and MRI's.

Initial Results Very Promising
The robots successfully attacked targeted cancer cells.  They also diagnosed chemical changes connected to the onset of illnesses.  Further research is now ongoing to develop them as a treatment for humans.  This is micro-robotic medicine on the cutting edge.


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