Schools of Robot Fish

Bioinspired Robots that Mimic Fish
Fish Tech Tale
Scientists at New York University have developed  bioinspired robot fish.  The robots "see" and imitate the movements of fish in real time.  The purpose is to get a better understanding of marine life.

What's Different - 2-Way Interaction in 3D
Scientists have used biomimetic robots to better understand animal behavior.  Until now, it's been 1-dimensional.  The animals observe and respond to the robots.  NYU has created a system for 2-way interaction in 3 dimensions.

Latest Tech
The NYU team uses the latest in real-time tracking software and robotics.  They've created the 1st closed loop control system with a robot zebrafish interacting in 3D with a live zebrafish.

The live fish accepts its robot replica with no signs of fear or anxiety.  The scientists say this system gives them a new baseline for research.  They can measure the fish's responses in real-time and allow the robot to watch and maneuver in real-time.  This to understand and document the social interactions between marine life and robots.


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