DARPA German Style

Germany's New Cybersecurity Agency

German DARPA
Germany just announced the creation of a DARPA-like agency.  DARPA is the US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency whose mission is to develop game-changing technology to provide the US military overwhelming technological advantages.  It's behind the creation of the internet, drones, cloud computing and GPS.

Hacking Problems
German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen says the new federal agency allows Germany to invest in new technologies and the protection of critical digital infrastructure from cyberattack. Some German officials believe Germany needs better encryption and more open source software.  German ministries have had a problem with being hacked.  Some suspect Russia.

The new agency is expected to be structured like DARPA.  The Ministries of Defense and Interior will manage it.  Some German lawmakers are very concerned about Defense management.  They fear the cybersecurity agency will be used to develop state of the art offensive capabilities.


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