Military's Incoming Laser Arsenal
Source:  USAF Image
Top Laser Gun
Top US Air Force officials want to start arming USAF F-15 fighter jets with high powered laser weapons in the early 2020's.  They plan to use SUPER LASERS with 150 kilowatts of power.  That would be capable of destroying an incoming missile on its the side, where it's most vulnerable.  By focusing the beam on the target, it rapidly heats the inside of the missile causing it to explode in mid-air.  It takes just a few seconds.

US Army's Mobile Laser for Tanks
For the Army, Lockheed Martin's developed a 100 kilowatt, mobile laser that can take out a drone 500 meters away.  It locks its invisible beam on the target and destroys it in seconds.  It's being prepped for Army tanks and will be field-tested in 2022.

Increasing Laser Power Changing the Face of War
Experts forecast widespread use of lasers by the military in the 2020's.  The high energy laser systems can be mobile, are relatively inexpensive and very efficient.  By 2025 the US military could be equipped with laser systems of 300 kilowatts plus.


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