New Generation of High Definition Tech

Brighter, Lighter Smart Phones & TVs

Scientists have developed a process that could open a new generation of high definition technology.
This will pave the way for lighter, brighter and more energy efficient smartphones and TVs.

Quantum Dots
They've discovered that quantum dots, which are small semiconductors that radiate bright colors, improve screen displays of televisions and smartphones.  The research was done by scientists at Queen's University Belfast and ETH Zurich.

Connecting the Dots
They clustered the quantum dots which are highly valued for their vibrant colors.  By putting the dots together they were even more brilliant and florescent. They also created their own quantum dots which enhanced the vibrancy.

50% More Color for Screen Displays
The researchers say this will increase the number of colors displays can present by 50%. They add, this new process is ushering in a new generation of high definition technology within 3 years.


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