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Important Innovations Collection: 1st Molecular Movie in HD

First HD Movie of Molecular Activity Source:  DOE - Molecules Reacting to Light US Dept. of Energy High Speed Electron Camera Breakthrough The US Department of Energy/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has created the world's 1st HD movie of molecules reacting to exposure to light.  They used a powerful, high speed electron camera.  The scientists say this technology will deepen their understanding of the fundamental chemical reactions that are the foundations of life.  For a great news blog on this by journalist Ed Kane, go to Important Innovations Collection: 1st Molecular Movie in HD : High Speed Electron Cameras Source:  DOE US Department of Energy's Breakthrough For the first time, researchers at the US Depar…                                                 The findings were just reported in the journal Nature Chemistry  Nature Chemistry, 2019; DOI: 10.1038/s41557-019-0252-7

Lights, Camera, Alarm - Smart Security

Yale Smart Security Source:  Yale  New System - All-in One Camera Security Yale is an old line lock manufacturer.  They just came up with some very interesting, new innovation in securing your home and pets.  They've introduced a home security, high definition camera.  They call it the "All in One Camera". This system is particularly designed for the front door where most break-ins occur.  But it also works indoors, for instance to monitor your pets. All in real-time through their system and apps to instantly watch and communicate with your home and pets when you are not there. Technology There's a lot of tech embedded in this new security system.  The camera has motion activated spotlights, night vision mode and audio capabilities.  The camera's motion detection system triggers an alert to a companion app.  It enables the homeowner to see who is at the door and talk to them via the system's embedded mike remotely. There is a siren to chase away intr

New Generation of High Definition Tech

Brighter, Lighter Smart Phones & TVs Scientists have developed a process that could open a new generation of high definition technology. This will pave the way for lighter, brighter and more energy efficient smartphones and TVs. Quantum Dots They've discovered that quantum dots, which are small semiconductors that radiate bright colors, improve screen displays of televisions and smartphones.  The research was done by scientists at Queen's University Belfast and ETH Zurich. Connecting the Dots They clustered the quantum dots which are highly valued for their vibrant colors.  By putting the dots together they were even more brilliant and florescent. They also created their own quantum dots which enhanced the vibrancy. 50% More Color for Screen Displays The researchers say this will increase the number of colors displays can present by 50%. They add, this new process is ushering in a new generation of high definition technology within 3 years.