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Important Innovations Collection: Noninvasive Mind Controlled Robotic Arm

World 1st: Mind Controlled Robotic Arm with No Brain Implant or Surgery Source:  Carnegie Mellon University Noninvasive Brain Computer Interface This is breakthrough innovation from engineers at Carnegie Mellon University.  They've invented an electrode cap that senses the wearer's thoughts.  The Brain Computer Interface system is so sophisticated it controls a robotic arm to continuously track and follow a moving cursor on the computer screen.  For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Noninvasive Mind Controlled Robotic Arm : Mind Over Matter with No Surgery Source:  Carnegie Mellon University Electrode Cape A new, noninvasive electrode cap - a brain compu...

NASA's Moon Pit Robots

NASA's Moon Pit Robots: Mission Check out Moon Pits Source:  Carnegie Mellon Moon Rover Andy Potential Shelter for Astronauts & Valuable Resources NASA has provided a $2 million grant to roboticists at Carnegie Mellon University to invent specialized, agile robots to investigate pits similar to sink holes on the Moon.  The purpose is twofold:  determine if they contain valuable resources such as minerals and evaluate if they could be used as shelter for astronauts.  This is part of NASA's Artemis mission to return humans to the Moon by 2024. Craters vs. Pits Craters are formed by impacts such as asteroids smashing into the lunar surface.  Pits are formed when the Moon's surface collapses.  Some experts believe there could be huge caverns under the pits, which could potentially shield astronauts from radiation. Highly Dangerous Mission NASA believes the pit exploration is too dangerous for humans to perform because NASA doesn't know what the pits contai

Important Innovations Collection: Soft Knitted Robots

Knitted, Soft Robots Source:  Carnegie Mellon University New Approach to Soft Robotics Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created a soft, toy robot by using commercial knitting machines.  Soft robotics is a growing industry as roboticists try to create robots that are safer for human.  This is a brand new approach with a lot of promise for soft robotics and wearable technologies.  For more details go to Important Innovations Collection: Soft Knitted Robots : Safer Robots for Humans Soft Actuated Robots Made by Using Commercial Knitting Machines This is a new approach to exploring the potenti...

DARPA's Amazing, All-Terrain Truck

The Transforming Wheel-Track Changes Wheels in Motion To see it is to believe it.  It's called the Transforming Wheel-Track  This is the US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA's latest, "go-anyplace, anytime" truck for the US military.  It was designed and developed by a team from Carnegie Mellon's National Robotics Engineering Center.  It's breakthrough technology that can alter a wheel's shape and function while it's in motion. Dual Action in 2 Seconds For soft surfaces, the truck can navigate the terrain on triangular tracks.  For hard surfaces, it changes into round wheels for fast travel.  The switch can be made in 2 seconds while in motion, which provides soldiers the ability to adjust as needed. Designed for military use, it's also practical for search and rescue missions and construction. DARPA's X Vehicles The Transforming Wheel-Track is part of DARPA's Ground X Vehicles technologies program.

Your Very SMART Walls

Dumb Walls Painted Smart Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research have developed a conductive paint that can turn any wall smart.  The paint makes the walls interactive and context aware sensing.  The walls can sense human ouch, gestures and appliances being used. Electrodes Across the Walls The conductive paint allows placement of electrodes across the walls. And that opens up a whole new world.  For instance, the walls can control video games when given a human gesture.  They can serve as household monitors such as letting you know your laundry is done or turning off lights. Tech Vision The researchers have a vision for this tech. Given the Internet of things and ubiquitous computing coming on fast, it's giving walls an active part in our living and work environment.  In terns of cost, they convert dumb to smart walls on the cheap.  About $20 per sq. meter and use simple tools and techniques like a paint roller. Aesthetics and Energy The electrodes