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Renewable Energy - a Great Bet

 Nuclear Fusion Source:  Tokamak Energy - Nuclear Fusion Reactor Global Nuclear Fusion Projects with Promise It's hotter than the sun.  UK based Tokamak Energy wants to be the first in the world to produce commercial electricity from fusion power by 2030.  The company has heated a plasma of hydrogen to 27 million degrees in its new experimental reactor.  That temperature is hotter than the core of the sun.  In 2019, it's going to test the system at 180 million degrees. Why Nuclear Fusion May Be the Right Fit for Global Energy Needs Proponents say nuclear fusion could make other types of electricity generation obsolete.  The reason is it can produce large amounts of electricity from very small amounts of hydrogen.  A plant the size of the UK's Tokamak would produce 1 gigawatt of electricity a year.  That's enough to power 700,000 US homes. Renewable and Green Nuclear fusion has very little fuel needs.  Greenhouse emissions are very low. And there's very

Nuclear Fusion That Travels by Truck

Lockheed-Martin's Compact Fusion Reactors Source: Lockheed-Martin Nuclear Reactor that Travel by Truck Lockheed-Martin has been quietly developing a game-changing compact nuclear fusion reactor.  They've patented the tech for potentially fitting it into a fighter jet.  Experts believe the potential for nuclear fusion tech is huge.  It could make other forms of electricity generation obsolete. Lockheed's reactor is so compact it can be transported by truck to locations in need of electricity. What's Nuclear Fusion and Why Call it a Star In A Jar? Here's an example and explainer.  UK based Tekamak Energy has heated a plasma of hydrogen to 27 million degrees fahrenheit within its own  reactor.  That's hotter than the core of the sun.  Essentially the reactors convert hydrogen into helium, then to electrical energy.  It's the same nuclear reaction that makes the sun and stars shine for billions of years. The process creates high volumes of electricity c