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Important Innovations:  Collection on Kindle

Source:  DARPA

ASIN: B07K4QX385 

If you enjoy our news blogs on innovation, I wanted to let you know that Important Innovations:  Collection Vols. 1, 2 & 3 are on Kindle as e-books and paperbacks.  The can be borrowed online for free right now.

Vol. 1 of the Collection covers the latest in transportation innovation including hypersonic jets, flying cars and hyperloops.  Vol. 2 showcases the latest in robotics from Jeeves with AI to microrobots detecting and fighting disease.  Vol. 3 focuses on the latest in the rapidly accelerating and growing fields of AR, VR, AI, quantum computing and much more including breakthrough programs that DARPA is pursuing.

These are fun, quick news reads on the latest in breakthrough innovation that are a great resource for students, teachers, investors and anyone interested in the future.


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