Facebook AI Now ID's Galaxies

AI ID From Face to Deep Space

Source:  Dr. Chen Wu & Dr. Ivy Wong, Radio Galaxy Predictions from ClaRan

ClaRan Faces off in Space
Researchers have taught an AI program that's routinely used to recognize faces on Facebook to find galaxies deep in space.  Its mission has been transformed from face to space.  The artificial intelligence bot is called ClaRan.  It's been created by researchers at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) who also serve on the faculty of the University of Western Australia.

Radio Galaxies
ClaRan scans images taken by radio telescopes.  It spots radio galaxies, which are galaxies that send strong radio jets from the huge black holes located in them. This new AI system was just created by big data specialist Dr. Chen Wu and astronomy expert Dr. Ivy Wong of the University of Western Australia and ICRAR.

Millions of Unknown Galaxies
Dr. Wong says black holes are found at the center of most galaxies. They send out "radio jets" that travel long distances, making it difficult for computers to find where the galaxy is.  That's what they're teaching ClaRan to do - track the galaxy's location and thereby identify it.

Open Source AI Innovation Development
The team's AI program started from an open source version of Microsoft and Facebook object detection software.  Dr. Wu says the team completely changed and transformed the system to recognize galaxies instead of people.  What is also so intriguing is that the team believes there are millions of galaxies yet to be discovered.


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