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Daily Innovation Brief by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

  THE TESLA TEASE                                                                                      Source:  Tesla Tesla CEO Elon Musk is teasing that big news will be announced on Tesla Investors Day on March 1st, including the possibility of a new Tesla concept car The surprise car could be one of the concept vehicles that Musk has been teasing about:  a fully autonomous robotaxi, a new van or a $30,000 small passenger car for dense urban areas Analysts expect Musk to reveal the mass production version of the long-awaited Cybertruck Cybertruck is Tesla's 1st electric pickup, that's expected to be a cash cow and go into production this year CEO Musk will present his Master Plan 3 to transform transportation and save the planet through a fully sustainable energy future Musk says his presentation will offer "great hope and positivity for the future". ROBOTS TO DO 40% OF HOUSEHOLD TASKS                                                  Source:  Sony Experts predict th

In DC, Anti-Trust Hearing for Big Tech

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google Executives to Testify Source:  Stock Image  US Congressional Anti-Trust Hearings This news broke a few moments ago.  Next week, in Washington, DC, there will be a Congressional hearing concerning alleged anti-trust matters related to some of the biggest technology companies in the world.  The stakes for this Congressional hearing are big.  It's all about the tremendous market power that Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook wield.  On July 16 top executives from those four companies will testify and answer questions on Capitol Hill. Multiple Investigations The hearing will be held by the House Judiciary Committee's Anti-Trust Subcommittee.  The House Judiciary Committee is investigating the extent of competition in digital markets.  Both Democrats and Republicans are concerned about the power exercised by these companies, that are some of the world's most valuable and innovative.  There are multiple investigations currently underway i

Facebook AI Now ID's Galaxies

AI ID From Face to Deep Space Source:  Dr. Chen Wu & Dr. Ivy Wong, Radio Galaxy Predictions from ClaRan ClaRan Faces off in Space Researchers have taught an AI program that's routinely used to recognize faces on Facebook to find galaxies deep in space.  Its mission has been transformed from face to space.  The artificial intelligence bot is called ClaRan.  It's been created by researchers at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) who also serve on the faculty of the University of Western Australia. Radio Galaxies ClaRan scans images taken by radio telescopes.  It spots radio galaxies, which are galaxies that send strong radio jets from the huge black holes located in them. This new AI system was just created by big data specialist Dr. Chen Wu and astronomy expert Dr. Ivy Wong of the University of Western Australia and ICRAR. Millions of Unknown Galaxies Dr. Wong says black holes are found at the center of most galaxies. They send out &q

Facebook & Virtual Reality

Facebook Believes VR is Next Big Thing Quest Headset Quest Facebook unveiled a wireless VR headset this week called Oculus Quest.  The company is pushing to popularize the emerging technology by taking it to a mainstream audience.  Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014.  The headset Quest will be available in the spring of 2019. Facebook Goals Facebook leadership believes that VR is the next big thing in human communications after the mobile phone.  The company's goal is to get 1 billion people involved in VR.  Quest offers 6 degrees of freedom and Touch controllers.  It allow you to jump into action with no PC wires or external sensors. VR Future There are expert forecasts that VR headsets and devices will grow in sales by 31% for 2018 over 2017.  A number of heavyweights are investing in the field including Google, Sony and Apple.