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Salt Based Nuclear Reactors - New Tech

Thorium Based Nuclear Power - Greener Electricity Source:  Thorium Powered Nuclear Reactor Global Innovation Research Thorium based nuclear reactors.  Global scientists are working on this promising greener form of nuclear energy.  Thorium is a moderately radioactive chemical.  It can be used as "fuel salt" in molten salt reactors to produce electricity.  It can't be used to produce nuclear weapons and produces much less dangerous waste than current nuclear power plants. Advantages of Thorium and Who Is Working On It The Netherlands and China are investing in this technology.  It offers the advantages of traditional reactors.  It's reliable, efficient and low carbon emissions electricity.  And that is without the big problems of radioactive waste and nuclear proliferation.  It's a promising and greener form of renewable nuclear energy. CERN The European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) believes thorium could be a radically disruptive source of cle

Hypersonic Race Heats Up

China's Starry Sky Hypersonic Wave Rider  Starry Sky China just successfully tested its hypersonic aircraft, the XingKong-2, Starry Sky.  It reportedly can travel 6-times the speed of sound at Mach 6.  Within a few days, the US Air Force ordered more hypersonic weapons from Lockheed Martin -  the 2nd order this year.  The global hypersonic arms race is intensely heating up. Hypersonic Competitors Russia, China and the US are trying to dominate in hypersonic delivery systems and weapons that travel 5 and 6 times the speed of sound.  Some military experts believe the Starry Sky can evade existing missile defense systems and potentially carry both conventional and nuclear payloads.  They don't expect it to be weaponized for 3 to 5 years. USAF Secretary Heather Walker wants to get hypersonic capability to our military as soon as possible. Starry Sky Hypersonic Tech Starry Sky is an experimental hypersonic wave rider that accelerates to Mach 6.  It rides the shock waves

UK to Power Electric Cars with Small Nuke Plants

Nuclear Energy Hot in UK  Nuclear Facility UK British Small Nuclear Plants Britain is leading the way in the use of small nuclear power plants as a renewable energy source. The purpose is to replace coal and gas and to power a growing fleet of electric cars. The UK has 2 new and large nuclear plants going on line in 2025 and there are plans for more. The British government has pledged $71 million for R&D on small plants and hopes to have them operational in the 2020's. Aging Energy Infrastructure Britain's old coal and nuclear facilities are scheduled for shutdown by 2025.  Because of that, there is strong demand for sources of low-carbon electricity to meet energy needs and also meet the nation's clean energy goals.  That's the rationale and attraction for small nuclear power plants. Small Nukes and Unprecedented Energy Demands Experts say in the next decades there's going to be unprecedented demand for low carbon electricity capacity to replace c