Apple's Tim Cook & Remote Work

 Employees' Remote Work Working Well

                                    Source:  Apple Workplace

Apple To Extend Aspects of Remote Working Permanently

Apple CEO Tim Cook is innovating the Apple workplace.  He is very impressed by the remote work being performed by Apple employees.  Speaking at the Atlantic Conference, he said some aspects of remote working will be permanent at Apple long after the pandemic is over.

Products On Time

During the pandemic, Apple employees created new products such as the latest Apple watches and iPads on time, despite the fact that most were working from home because of COVID-19.  Cook says that he has learned that "some things actually work out well virtually".  He added Apple won't be returning to their old ways of doing business but will be shifting to a more robust, dynamic, hybrid approach that includes virtual and online.  He added there is also great value in working in the office together for impromptu meetings and creativity.

Remote or In Office

Only 10 to 15% of Apple's employees have returned to the office.  Cook himself works both remotely and in the office each week. His comments are in stark contrast to that of other CEO's like JP Morgan Chase's Jamie Dimon who warns of "lasting damage" if employees don't return to the office soon.


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