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Apple Intro's New Products This Week

  Expected Big Upgrades to Apple Watch, iPad & New iPhone 12 Source:  Apple Watch 5 Apple Annual September Event Apple's annual September event this Tuesday is called "Time Flies". Appropriately, the company is expected to unveil significant upgrades to the Apple Watch.  Also, experts expect upgrades to the iPad and perhaps an unveiling of the new iPhone 12 with 5 G connectivity. Apple is holding a totally virtual event because of the COVID-19 virus. New Apple Watch? Apple experts are expecting the unveiling of an Apple Watch 6 with its game-changing ECG reader, plus potential new features such as a longer life battery and blood oxygen monitoring.  There also could be a lower cost version, the Apple Watch SE.  For Apple, health monitoring capabilities on the Apple Watch have been a huge seller.  In 2019, Apple sold 31 million Apple Watches which outsold Swiss Watches. New iPad? Experts also think Apple may announce a new iPad or iPad Air.  Bloomberg reports that Apple

Running in Connected, Smart Shoes

Nike's Adapt Auto Max Source:  Nike Connectivity and Performance at the Next Level Nike calls its new Nike Adapt Auto Max, their pinnacle  offering that combines performance and connectivity. The shoe is part of the Air Max line. Adapt is the key word.  The shoe adapts to the wearer's needs.  The shoe has some unique features: FitAdapt  technology that allows it to grow and scale   with the wearer You can loosen or tighten the shoe's fit with your Apple watch You can adjust the power lacing using voice commands New features are updated through the Nike Adapt App The App creates two modes for the wearer: active sports & relaxation Nike claims the shoe's personalization & responsiveness are immediate Future of Fit Nike considers Adapt as part of its "future of fit".  The shoe is powered by a frictionless "digital utility" that makes it responsive to the wearer, smarter and able to do more things over time.  The

Brand New Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Just Unveiled its 4th Generation Apple Watch Apple Watch Series 4 What's News As always, the Apple Watch unveiling was on everyone's watch list.  They just unveiled it.  What's new:  Apple has increased the amount of info you can pull in on the display and they've significantly upgraded the health tracking capabilities. Upgrades for Apple Watch The face is slightly bigger but remains a square, minimalist model. The OLED display is larger to  capitalize on the slightly larger and thinner case size. Health Tool - Electrocardiogram Included This is just awesome.  Apple continues to pitch Apple Watch as a health tool.  The Series 4 has upgraded heart monitoring hardware to provide electrocardiograms showing the electrical activity of the user's heart even during vigorous exercise.  This can document for treatment abnormal heart rhythms and other conditions that can lead to a heart attack and possibly prevent it. Other Upgrades This is the firs