Fully Electric 5-Series

Source:  BMW 5-series 2021

Big Green Lineup of Vehicles

BMW announced today that it will offer a fully electric 5-series.  This is part of a major product overhaul to offer green, emissions free vehicles.  BMW wants to lower emissions both during the production of its vehicles and also when they are on global highways.  It is even tying executive compensation to its climate goals.

BMW's 10 Year Plan

By 2030, BMW targets having 7 million plus electrified BMW brand electrified vehicles on the road, 2/3rds of which are fully electric.  Their goals coincide with new European regulations that require carbon dioxide vehicle emissions be cut by 37.5% by 2030 as compared to 2021 vehicles.

BMW's E-Rollout

In 2021, BMW will have five, fully electric vehicles for sale, including the BMWi3, Mini Cooper SE, BMW iX3, BMW NEXT and BMWi4.  By 2023, BMW will offer 25 electrified vehicles, including half that will be fully electric.  BMW CEO Oliver Zipse did not offer a launch date on the fully electric series-5.

Tying Salaries to Climate Targets

BMW is going tough on meeting its electric vehicle targets.  The company is holding management compensation to compliance with climate targets.  And, it is committing to lower carbon emissions from its production sites by 80% per vehicle.  That's a strong green environmental statement from BMW, one of the world's leading luxury automotive brands, headquartered in Germany.


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